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#1 Post by gizmo1963 » Sun May 03, 2020 3:06 am

left my 2009 yamaha raider at the shop and drove my new 2020 rally home !!! needless to say it was a totally different experience than a bike !! ive been on bikes since 1980,,yea im old !! went home the back way to avoid the highway one first ride,,just cruised @ about 30-40 mph to get used to handling and so on..cvt is different than shifting jsut twist and go !! steering is a bit twitchy imo,,seems like it wants to drift somewhat ..but it might just be me..keep wanting to reach for the dam front brake that aint there anymore lmao !! pegs full foward and bar all the way back seems spot on for me {5ft9} factory seat seems ok but havent been on a long ride yet,,yes it does make ALL kinds of funny different noises than a bike should calm down after a few miles..ive only been in eco and eco off [not sure what that means yet] book says 91 octane and im sure thats not what the shop filled it with ,,might drain it or just let it ride,,the reverse option is frigging awsome feature,,no more getting off bike and trying to push it backwards--- yea !!! suspension is very smooth ,,set back to 1 or 2,,in think the front needs a bit of softening but i sont have a spanner wrench right now,,dammit,,should have took it out of the raider pouch !!! the only problem i have is after i got home,,put it in the garage and went out hour later the head lights had considerable condensation on the inside of both lenses,,not sure this is the norm or what,,it does tell me they are not sealed,,will probably call dealer and ask,,but i probably know what they are gonna say,,,lol other than that im am totaly awed and impressed with the ryker and think the raider will stay with them !!!Image[/img][/img]

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#2 Post by CSOldGrayDog3 » Sun May 03, 2020 9:48 am

I think you hit the general first experiences of all us "bikers" taking out a Ryker for a ride. Got mine in January, and I remember grabbing for hand break and clutch an shot of adrenaline when they were not where I expect. Lots of posts on the Twitchy part, for me i feel twich in my body but do not see it in stearing and drive. My daily drive is a low, stiff suspension sports car and that feel is there as well, every variance in the road you feel.

Enjoy the new ride!

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